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  • Chase + Amy

    Chase + Amy

    Chase and I went to college together and when he asked me to photograph his proposal, I quickly said Y-E-S! Fortunately, Amy also said, “Yes,” when Chase popped the question in front of the ruins at Holliday Park on the Northwest side of Indianapolis. Murphy, their new dog, was also elated for both of them…

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  • July 4th on East Washington Street

    Whenever I drive down Washington Street in Indianapolis, there are always places or people I see out of the car window I want to photograph. Today I decided to start from our house and just walk as far as I felt like walking. I ended up walking 5 miles and photographing people, houses, and storefronts.…

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  • 1st Annual Arakanese Water Festival

    As I was photographing the Kairis Familiy at Garfield Park, I saw that there was an event. After I’d finished taking the family photos, I wandered over to the amphitheater to see what big event was occurring. I was aware of the large Burmese population in Indianapolis, but only by second-hand knowledge. As it turns…

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  • Kairis Family

    Kairis Family

    I have photographed the Kairis and Jackson families several times and each time I get together with them, it’s always fun. Brittany and Bob had an addition to their family since the last time I photographed them and when they were in town for the holiday, they asked if we could take some new family…

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  • Woodcox Family

    Woodcox Family

    I grew up with Veronica, attending grade school, high school, and college together. I was overjoyed when she asked me to photograph her new family after Soren was born. It’s beyond evident how much Brian and Veronica love this little guy. We photographed one evening at Ellenberger Park in Indianapolis just as the sun was…

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  • Cannelton, Indiana

    Cannelton, Indiana

    This past weekend, my husband and I traveled to southern Indiana for an impromptu weekend away from the hustle and bustle of city life. We took both of our dogs and stayed at an AirBnB which was an old farmhouse. It was much-needed time away for us to recharge.

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  • Recently a new skate park was built at Willard Park on the near East side of Indianapolis. I was very excited to hear about this because I enjoy photographing both the action and the people at skate parks. I started this in college when I’d photograph the skate park at Major Taylor, just down the…

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  • Coffee With Friends

    Coffee With Friends

    I had pleasure of grabbing coffee with my friends today at Provider. We had some great coffee and some great light that made for great portraits.

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  • During the first part of the pandemic, I went down the ancestry rabbit hole and found out that I am more Irish than I thought I was: last names like Hollywood and Butler cover large swaths of my family tree. And somehow being a native Hoosier I’ve never been to the St. Patrick’s Day Parade,…

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  • Matt


    There’s a picture of myself with Matt when he was a kid and I was a cross country runner in high school. His dad is the coach and Matt would frequently show up at practice and meets. It was great to photograph him as he wrapped up his own time in high school.

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