1st Annual Arakanese Water Festival

As I was photographing the Kairis Familiy at Garfield Park, I saw that there was an event. After I’d finished taking the family photos, I wandered over to the amphitheater to see what big event was occurring. I was aware of the large Burmese population in Indianapolis, but only by second-hand knowledge. As it turns out, the Burmese immigrants were having a Buddhist Water Festival in Garfield Park. According to one woman, the festival is normally held in April or spring time to bring water to the crops but this year it was moved to July.

I was immediately welcomed and given food. Everyone was eating spicy chicken with rice and cucumbers. Kids ran around and there were people passing out chunks of watermelon. Women were dressed in different yellow dresses with different patterns to signify where they were from. These women were there also to perform traditional dances. I was sad that I had to leave early, everyone was having so much fun!

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